• String Handling: Introduction

    In this blog, we will see introduction about String Handling process, currently we will just see how store value in String object. For that, we use object passing, character array, byte array etc. This topic is very easy then other java topics.   Let’s see String handling introduction example   class str1 {                 public […]

  • Copy file : File Management

    FileInputStream and FileOutputStream classes both use for copy file concepts. FileInputStream class reads data from one file. FileOutputStream class writes into another file.   Video on copy file java program. Program on copy to file to another file. import java.io.*; class io7 {                 public static void main(String args[]) throws IOException                 {                                 BufferedReader […]

  • FileOutputStream Class: Write data into File

    In this blog, we will see FileOutputStream class. This class uses to write data into any .txt, .bat, .java etc file in folder. In this program, we will see how to create file automatically and how to write data in created file. This is file save near to your java file in same folder. Better understanding, […]

  • FileInputStream Class : Read data from File

    File management is very useful part in java programs. In this blog, we will see FileInputStream class. This class uses of read data from any .txt, .bat, .java etc file from folder. In this program, we will read data from demoTextFile.txt. Without this file we can’t run program. So first create this file near your […]

  • PrintWriter Class in IO Management

    PrintWriter class is one java.io.* package’s class. Using of this class we can reduce our code. PrintWriter pw = new PrintWriter(System.out,true); This is statement of creation an object of PrintWriter Class. In the parameter we found System.out and true values. System.out and true indicate that we can use pw object instead of System.out. Example: System.out.println(“Welcome […]

  • BufferedReader Class with read() method

    In this blog, we will work on BufferedReader class with read() method. Different between read() and readLine() method read() -> return type int | ASCII Code readLine() -> return type String object   This is basic different between both method. In this blog, we will see read() method.   Let’s take example on BufferedReader Class […]

  • BufferedReader Class with readLine() method

    In this blog, we will again work on BufferedReader class with readLine() method. But in this program will control our string in output. Like when we write “stop” word in output screen, program will automatically stop and display final result.   Let’s take example on BufferedReader Class import java.io.*; class io2 {                 public static […]