• Simple interface with Package

    Interfaces |  [ Implements ] [ Extends ] Classes   Use of Interface in java programs Creating method indexing for easy understanding long programs Creating final keywords Multiple inheritance possible in java programs using interfaces   Rules of Interfaces Interfaces and indexing methods must be public Indexing methods must be override in implemented class   […]

  • Access Control in java programs

    This topic is access control in java programs with public, private, protected and non-modifier. This is biggest blogs and video. Limit of Access Control Modifier Modifier Access Limit Private Work only in own class Non-Modifier Work only in one package Protected Work in one package, work in different package if two class are inheritance Public Work […]

  • Packages with inheritance

    In this blog, we will see how to customize our inheritance example in different packages.   In this example, we will see three different packages pack1, package1 and package2. Package1 with A class Package2 with B Class Pack1 with example2 Class   package package1; public class A {             public void methodA()             {                         […]

  • Simple example on Package Java Program

    What is Package in Java Program? – In Simple word, package are folder or directory. What is use of packages in Java Program? – When we want to store our classes in proper folder that time we need packages. Example: I give simple project details with packages storage. Project: College Management Student Packages – Store […]

  • Abstract Class in java Program

    Abstract class and methods is many time uses in java programs when we want to create indexing of our methods in some secure class. Why Abstract class is secure? – We can’t create an object of Abstract Class, so we have to inheritance abstract with sub class. So, all access of abstract classes is managed […]