3 types inheritance: Simple Inheritance

3 types inheritance available in java programs. In c++ we can manage 5 types of inheritance.

3 Types Inheritance

  1. Simple Inheritance
  2. Multilevel Inheritance
  3. Hierarchical Inheritance


In this blog, we will work on Simple Inheritance. This is simple structure of Simple Inheritance. A is Super class and B is sub class. Sub class B can access all non-private data member (variables and methods).

A             Super class


B             Sub class


class A   // Super class


int x,y;  // Super class variable

void setA(int a,int b)


x = a;

y = b;


void displayA()


System.out.println(“Sum = ” + (x+y));



class B   extends A           // Join this class with A | extends – keyword


// Want to use super class variable in sub class

void setB(int a,int b)


x = a;     // because of inheritance, we can use super class variable

y = b;


void displayB()


System.out.println(“Sub = ” + (x-y));



class inh1


public static void main(String args[])


// We can call super class method using sub class object

B obj = new B();                // object of sub class

obj.setA(20,10);               // call to super class method

obj.displayA();                  // call to super class method

obj.setB(50,10);                // call to own | sub class method

obj.displayB();                   // call to own | sub class method




Sum = 30

Sub = 40

Use of inheritance

We can use super class properties [variables]

We can call and access super class method and variable using sub class object


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