Asynchronized Multithreading Process

In our last blogs, we see multithreading process with isAlive() and join() methods. In this blog, we will see asynchronized multithreading process.

What is asynchronized multithreading process?

All time multiple process face thread interference and consistency problem because of asynchronized threading process.


In this program, we will see asynchronized multithreading process. Next blog will be on synchronized threading process.

Syn class in otherPack package : Display name in {}

package otherPack;

public class Syn


            public void display(String name)




                                    System.out.print(” { ” + name );


                                    System.out.println(” } “);


                        catch(Exception ex){}



 SynNized class in classStore package : All process

package classStore;

import otherPack.*;

public class SynNized implements Runnable


            Thread t;

            Syn obj;

            String name;

            public SynNized(String name,Syn obj)


                        t = new Thread(this);

                        this.obj = obj;

               = name;



            public void run()





Thread7 class in examples package

package examples;

import classStore.*;

import otherPack.*;

public class Thread7


                public static void main(String[] args)


                                Syn obj = new Syn();

SynNized ob1 = new SynNized(“Dipak”,obj);

                                SynNized ob2 = new SynNized(“Umang”,obj);

                                SynNized ob3 = new SynNized(“Rohit”,obj);




{ Dipak { Umang { Rohit }




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