Similarity and Different between String and StringBuffer Class

In this blog, we will see similarity and different between String and StringBuffer Class.

Similarity of String and StringBuffer Class

String FunctionsStringBuffer Function
String s1 = new String(“demo Text”);StringBuffer s1 = new StringBuffer(“demo Text”);


Above table mention all similar functions use in both String and StringBuffer. We already know about length(), charAt(), getChars(), replace(), substring(), indexOf(), lastIndexOf() function in String Class. You can also work on this function in StringBuffere Class.

Different of String and StringBuffer

String FunctionsStringBuffer Function
setCharAt() Not workingsetCharAt()
append() Not Workingappend()
insert() Not Workinginsert()
reverse() Not Workingreverse()
delete() Not Workingdelete()
deleteCharAt() Not WorkingdeleteCharAt()
String s1 = “demo Text”; – WorkingStringBuffer s1 = “demo Text”; – Not Working


Above table mention all different functions. We will see all setCharAt(), append(), insert(), reverse(), delete() and deleteCharAt() functions in our next blogs.


String s1 = “demo Text”; statement is valid in String Class.

But we can’t use StringBuffere s1 = “demo Text”;


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