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Enum Example : Derive Class And Data

What is enum in java program?

Java language has many data types like primary data types, derive data types, user define data types.

Enum is one derive data types in java language.

Enum is also derive class, we can create derive class object and store multiple values in that derive object.


Let’s see enum example with Product class.


enum day  // Outside class declaration



                // enum derive object


class enum1


                // we can also declare enum inside the class

                enum Product



                                // this all enum data pass into enum constructor with quntity and price of product


                                int qnt;

                                int price;

                                Product(int qnt,int price) // Enum constructor


                                                this.qnt = qnt;

                                                this.price = price;



                public static void main(String args[])


                                // How to use in program?

                                System.out.println(day.tue);      // Output : wed


                                // How to use in Product base example???

                                System.out.println(“Product Name | Product Price | Product Qnt”);

                                Product p[] = Product.values(); // Store Enum object to  Array

                                for(Product prd : p)


                                                System.out.println(prd + “\t\t”+prd.price + “\t\t” + prd.qnt);






Product Name | Product Price | Product Qnt

Mobile                  5000                       10

Laptop                  35000                    20

Comput                25000                    40

Mouse                  650                         40



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