Environment Variable in java

How to Set Environment Variable in java

Environment variable is very important to all beginner programmers.  We created one video on it. You can also find it on YouTube. I also give you some important steps which are also matching with video.

Follow these simple Steps.

Step – 1: close current command prompt

Step – 2: Copy Path where your java install in your computer..

Step – 3: Right click on My computer/PC -> Go to Properties

Step – 4: Go to Advance System Setting

Step – 5: Go to Advanced -> Go to Environment variable button

Step – 6: Screen will be popup -> Go to System Variables -> Path -> Edit Button

Step – 7: Paste your path into variable value after all text. Also check ;

Step – 8: Click on OK Button 3 times and your variable is set now…

Step – 9: Re open command prompt and try again… error will be gone..


How to set Environment variable : Video



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