IllegalAccessException with throws


In this blog, we will work on IllegalAccessException using throws keywords. This example is same as NullPointerException using throw keyword.

Using this example we can understand basic different between throws and throw.


Example on IllegalAccessException

class A


            void setMethod1() throws IllegalAccessException


                        // No need to try and catch block

                        throw new IllegalAccessException(“Error Message”);     



class Exc9


            public static void main(String args[])


                        A a1 = new A();




                                    a1.setMethod1();       // call in A Class           


                        catch(IllegalAccessException ex)


                                    System.out.println(“Main : ” + ex);





Main: java.lang.IllegalAccessExceptions : Error Message


In this example, we can see that throws keyword set with “setMethod1() throws IllegalAccessExceptions”. Using of this, we do not need any try catch block in setMethod1() function.


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