Inner-outer class in java program

What is inner-outer class?

When we define B class into A class, that time A is outer class and B is inner class.

class A            // Outer class


            class B            // inner class




Inner class can’t access from main class. For access inner class we have to reach outer class methods then we can access inner class methods and variables from outer class method.


Let’s see example on inner-outer class program in java.

class outer1


            class inner1


                        void setMethod1() // How to access this method?


                                    System.out.println(“Welcome in Inner Class”);



            void setMethodOut1()


                        System.out.println(“Outer Class”); // 1st

                        // We can create an object of inner class


                        inner1 obj = new inner1();

                        obj.setMethod1();        // call into inner class



class clEx14


                        public static void main(String args[])


                                    // create an object of inner class

                                    //inner1 obj = new inner1(); // Can’t able to create inner class object



                                    outer1 ob = new outer1();

                                    ob.setMethodOut1(); // call to outer class method





Outer Class

Welcome in inner class


In this blog example, we can’t able to create an object of inner class, so we have to create outer class object then call to outer class method. After that we have to create object of inner class in outer class method.

So this is most secure class structure of java programs.


Video available on YouTube.


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