IOException with BufferedReader class

IOException is on run time input output exception handler, when we use* package’s classes that time we have to use IOException for handling error.

BufferedReader is one inbuilt class. BufferedReader class must be in* package so we have to import that package in our program starting.

In this program, we will see how to handle run time error without try/catch block.

Example on IOException


class Exc10


            public static void main(String args[]) throws IOException


                        String username = “” , password = “”;


InputStreamReader ir = new InputStreamReader(;      

                        BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(ir);


                        System.out.println(“Enter Username : “);

                        username = br.readLine(); // Method -> Return String value

                        System.out.println(“Enter Password : “);

                        password = br.readLine(); // Method -> Return String value


                        System.out.println(“Username  : ” + username);

                        System.out.println(“Password  : ” + password);   




Enter Username: demouser

Enter Password: 123456

Username: demouser

Password: 123456


In this program, you can’t understand throws over try/catch. For that we have to watch this video.


Video available on YouTube now.



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