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Java Collection: ArrayList

ArrayList is one java collection class. We can store any type of object data in ArrayList. In this blog, we will see how to store Integer data in ArrayList Class, display ArrayList and use of ArrayList object data.


How to declare ArrayList Class?

ArrayList<Generics> object = new ArrayList<Generics>();

Example: ArrayList<Integer> list1 = new ArrayList<Integer>();


How to add data in ArrayList Class?

object.add(new Generics(value));

Example: list1.add(new Integer(67));


Let’s see how to use ArrayList class in java collection programming.


import java.util.*;// import util package

class collection1


                public static void main(String args[])


                                // Dec of ArrayList Class

ArrayList<Integer> list1 = new ArrayList<Integer>();       


                                // How to Add data in ArrayList

                                list1.add(new Integer(56));


                                list1.add(new Integer(99));


                                // How to display ArrayList ?

                                System.out.println(list1); // [56,90,99]


                                // How to use ArrayList data in programs???

                                int sum=0;

                                for(Integer obj : list1)     // Foreach list1 data store in obj object


                                                sum = sum + obj;


                                System.out.println(“Sum = ” + sum);






Sum = 245



Video on ArrayList

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