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Java Program – Hello World

About Java Program

This is our first simple java program. I include all meaning of keywords, class, object, methods and variables. We already know about software in our last blog. So, open your software and start code with me your first java program.

Program Title:
[ Simple “Hello Java World” display on output screen ]


class ex1

public static void main(String args[])

System.out.println(“Hello Java World”);



How to Run?

We already discuss in our last blog


Hello Java World

Basic Information:

class – public – static – void => keywords
class => group of variables-methods
public => access control
static => type of variable and method
void => no return type

main() => function

String => in built class
args[] => array

System => in bulit class
out => object | to call println() method
println() => method | to print string in double “”.


Video Of First Program

Try Yourself

Click Here For Try Yourself Program…



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