Loop – Iteration Control Statements

Introduction About Loop or Iteration Control

Loop or iteration control is very important for java programs. Using of this we can control array, String and many other structure programs. Basically it is divided into three part.

  1. For

  2. While

  3. Do While

For and while are entry control . Do while is exit control. Basic structure of this three loops are same.


Let’s see the basic structure of For Loop.

for(start;check Loops;increase|decrees) // Entry Control [Check Loops


Body of the For



Let’s see the basic structure of While Loop.


while(check Loops) // Entry Control


Body of the While

increase|decrees Loops;



Let’s see the basic structure of Do While.




Body of the do..while

increase|decrees Loops;


while(check Loops); // Exit Control


These are basic structure of all iteration control. For and while are check before the entry so we can say they are entry control. Do..While is check after the exit so we can say its exit control.


In this chapter – 5, we will discuss all types of iterations, Nested iterations and array. So this chapter will be long.


If you have any query about entry control or exit control you can comment me on this blog post.

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