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How many collection set in Java Program?

Three types of collection set in java programs.

  • LinkedHashSet collection set
  • HashSet
  • TreeSet

Generally these three work same in java collection programming. But in this blog, we will see basic different between collection set.

LinkedHashSet works same as added data in Set.

HashSet works as randomly with data.

TreeSet works ascending order with data.


Let’s see simple example on collection set.


import java.util.*;

class collection8


                public static void main(String args[])


                                LinkedHashSet<Double> set1 = new LinkedHashSet<Double>();

                                set1.add(new Double(56.78));

                                set1.add(new Double(23.67));

                                set1.add(new Double(89.56));

                                set1.add(new Double(76.23));

                                set1.add(new Double(34.56));



                                HashSet<Double> set2 = new HashSet<Double>();

                                set2.add(new Double(56.78));

                                set2.add(new Double(23.67));

                                set2.add(new Double(89.56));

                                set2.add(new Double(76.23));

                                set2.add(new Double(34.56));



                                TreeSet<Double> set3 = new TreeSet<Double>();

                                set3.add(new Double(56.78));

                                set3.add(new Double(23.67));

                                set3.add(new Double(89.56));

                                set3.add(new Double(76.23));

                                set3.add(new Double(34.56));





[56.78, 23.67, 89.56, 76.23, 34.56]

[56.78, 23.67, 89.56, 34.56, 76.23]

[23.67, 34.56, 56.78, 76.23, 89.56]


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