Method overloading in java program

What is function or method overloading in java program?

– In one class, when we create two same name methods and give different parameters, this is basic set of creation function or method overloading in program.

– Then after, we call these method from our main class, that time compiler take some time to check same and parameter this is called function or method overloading in java program.


Let’s see example on function or method overloading in java program

class OverLoad


            void fun1()       // No parameter


                        System.out.println(“Welcome in Function Overloading”);


            void fun1(int x,int y)     // Two Argument


                        System.out.println(“Sum of X and Y : ” + (x+y));         


            void fun1(double a,double b)   // Two Argument | Data Type different


                        System.out.println(“Sub of A and B : ” + (a-b));




                        Same method – fun1

                        Different Parameter () , (int,int) , (double,double)




class clEx3



            public static void main(String args[])



                        OverLoad obj = new OverLoad();        // Object of class OverLoad


                        obj.fun1();        // Function Overloading


                        obj.fun1(40,30);           // Function Overloading


                        obj.fun1(6.7,4.5);         // Function Overloading







Welcome in Function Overloading

Sum of X and Y: 70

Sub of A and B: 2.2

In this example, we can see two types of function or method overloading active in java program.

  1. Parameter different
  2. Parameter same but data types different


Simple Class Examples

1Create on Area class with three findArea() methods. One method calculate area of circle, second method calculate area of square and third method calculate area of rectangular.

Video available on YouTube.


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