Operator in Java Program-1

Operator in Java Program – 1

Operator in java program?

Operator can calculate, check, assign, increase and decrease the value of variable. So operator is heart of java program. I give simple example of operator in java.

“ans = x+y;

In this example ans, x and y are variable;

= (assignment) and + (Arithmetic) are operators. “

So we can easily understand the import of operator in java program language. In this blog we will discuss on arithmetic [ +,-,*,/,% ] and special[ ,,””,{},(),[] ] operators.

  1. Arithmetic operator

+ , – , * , / , % are arithmetic operator in all programming languages. These operators help for mathematic formula of equation. We are familiar with + , – , *  and / basic arithmetic operator in C and Cpp. We also work on module [%] operator in java. But I mention one this about module [%] operator is working on double value in java programming. Module [%] operator is not working in double value in C and Cpp.


  1. Special operator

All Programming languages have special operators. Every statement or line we will see special operators in our programs. List of special operators are [ “” , {} , () , [] , ; , : ]. So we can say that special operators are very import in java program.


Program in Arithmetic Operator ans Special Operator:

class op1


public static void main(String args[])


double x = 7.3;

int y = 2;

double ans = x%y;         // Create an error in C/Cpp

System.out.println(“Ans = ” + ans);




Ans = 1.29999


Now Video available on YouTube.




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