• URL Class

    URL Class : Java Networking

    About URL Class URL class is inbuilt java.net package class, using of this class we can find protocol, host name, port number, file name and path of URL. URL is Universal Resource Locator. Example :  Website URL : http://www.isssearch.in:80/index.php  Protocol : http Host Name : www.isssearch.in Port : 80 Program on URL [java.net.* package] import java.io.*; […]

  • InetAddress

    InetAddress Class

    About InetAddress Class InetAddress is one class. Using of this class we can find HostName and HostAddress of any website URL. Example :  Website URL : www.isssearch.in  Host Name : www.isssearch.in Host Address : Program on InterAddress Class import java.io.*; import java.net.*; class url1 { public static void main(String args[]) throws IOException { try […]

  • TreeSet implementation

    TreeSet implementation using Iterator

    We already know implementation of ArrayList using Iterator Class in our ArrayList blogs. Here we will work on TreeSet implementation. Now, we will see how to fetch data from TreeSet using iterator() method.   TreeSet collection type gives ascending order of this data.   Let’s see simple example on TreeSet implementation.   import java.util.*; class […]