Parameter Constructor and overloading

What is parameter constructor?

– In java program, when we set same class name and method name that is called constructor structure in java program and when we set parameter as constructor method it’s called parameter constructor.

– Constructor method does not have return type.

– 3 types of constructor available in java program.

– 1) Default constructor, 2) parameter constructor, 3) copy constructor


In this blog we are working on parameter constructor programs with constructor overloading. Constructor overloading is same as method overloading in java program. constructor methods have same name but parameter different.



Let’s see example on parameter constructor with constructor overloading.

class Area


double areaAns = 0;

Area(int l)


areaAns = l*l;    // Find the area of Square


Area(double r)             //          Parameter Constructor


areaAns = 3.14 * r * r;  // Find the area of Circle


Area(int l,int h)


areaAns = l*h;  // Find the area of Rect


void display()


System.out.println(“Area : ” + areaAns);



class clEx10


public static void main(String args[])


// new Area(10);           // using of this we can not call display() method


Area a1 = new Area(10.5);       // call to Circle Area



// Overload the constructor

Area a2 = new Area(10,20);     // Call to Rect aRea



Area a3 = new Area(7);            // call to Square Area






Area : 346.185

Area : 200

Area : 49.0


This program has two concepts, one is parameter constructor and other is constructor overloading.

Here Area(int), Area(double) and Area(int,int) are three constructor in one class with same name and different parameter so we can also called constructor overloading.


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