Primitive Data Type – Character

Primitive Data Type in Java – Character

Primitive data type are very important in any language. Without this data types we cannot understand programming language. We can also called primary data types in java. In this primitive data types we found four types of family like Integer, Float, Character and Boolean. And these families have their own children like Integer [byte, short, int and long], Float [float, double], Character [char] and Boolean [Boolean].

In this blog we will discuss on Character Family:

Character Data Type

NoData TypesSizeRang
1char2 byteLess than other


Program in Character Data Types:

Title: Primary Data Type – Character

class data3


public static void main(String args[])


char ch = ‘K’;

System.out.println(“Ch = ” + ch);

ch++; // increase in ASCII Code

System.out.println(“Ch = ” + ch);

System.out.println(“Ch = ” + ch + ” | ASCII Value = ” + (int)ch);




Ch = K

Ch = L

Ch = L | ASCII Value = 76


Video available on YouTube.



Tutorial – Try Yourself

Tutorial – 1 : Find your name ASCII Code.



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