StringBuffer Functions with examples

In our last blog, we understand different and similarity of String Functions and StringBuffer Functions. In this blog, we will see example of StringBuffer class and functions.


List of StringBuffer Functions

FunctionsFunction’s Work
reverse()To reverse String
setCharAt(int,char)To replace index character
insert(int,String)To add extra string in index
append()To join two string
delete(int,int)To remove index to index string
deleteCharAt(int)To remove character from index


Let’s see example on all functions

class str9


            public static void main(String args[])


                        StringBuffer str1 = new StringBuffer(“Welcome in StringBuffer”);


                        //StringBuffer str2 = “Demo Text”; // Generate Error…..

                        // Not possible in StringBuffer Class


                        // reverse


                        // setCharAt(int,char)


                        str1.setCharAt(4,’X’);   // Change o to X

                        System.out.println(str1); // WelcXme in StringBuffer



                        // insert(index,””)

                        str1.insert(5,”Demo Text”);      // add Extra string at 5th index



                        // append()

                        str1.append(“Add Extra Text”);



                        // delete

                        str1.delete(5,10);// remove 5th index to 10th index string



                        // deleteCharAt(int)

                        System.out.println(str1.deleteCharAt(0));// remove 1st index char from stringbuffer





reffuBgnirtS ni emocleW

WelcXme in StringBuffer


WelcXDemo Textme in StringBuffer


WelcXDemo Textme in StringBufferAdd Extra Text


WelcXTextme in StringBufferAdd Extra Text

elcXTextme in StringBufferAdd Extra Text

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