Tutorial Java Data Types

Tutorial on Java Data Types

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I post many important blog on java data types. Now I will give some “Try Yourself” tutorial. This tutorial is base on chapter-2. So you can easily do work on this tutorials. So are you ready for Java Program World?


Integer – Java Data Types

1Find sum and average of 4 numbers
2Find volume of cube
3Find your school or college result.


Float – Java Data Type

1Find the area of Circle
2Find midpoint of line.


Character – Java Data Types

1Find your name ASCII Code


Implicit and Explicit – Java Type Casting And Conversion

1Enter Money : 56.23

Find Rs : 56

Find Paisa : 23



This is list of all data types programs. If you have any query on this program you can comment me on this website or blog. You can send me mail to: ectvcindia@gmail.com or call me on +91-88661 16019 number.


These tutorials are very important for next blog, so I kindly request you to do all tutorials.

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