Tutorial Java Operator

Tutorial on Java Operator

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I post many important blog on java operator. Now I will give some “Try Yourself” tutorial. This tutorial is base on chapter-3. So you can easily do work on this tutorials. So are you ready for Java Program World?


Arithmetic – Java Operator

1Enter Days. [Find Year, Months and left days of month]
2Enter KM. [Find M, CM] (Hint : Use long data type )


Relational | Conditional | Logical – Java Operator

1Enter one number. [Find number is even or odd]
2Enter Three Subject Marks. [Find Total, Per and PASS|FAIL]
3Enter Number. [Find number is +ve or –ve ]
4Enter Salary and SaleAmount. [if salamount is more than 25000 then add 2000 commission in Salary and find NetSalary ]




This is list of all operator programs. If you have any query on this program you can comment me on this website or blog. You can send me mail to: ectvcindia@gmail.com or call me on +91-88661 16019 number.


These tutorials are very important for next blog, so I kindly request you to do all tutorials.

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